Location or Studio

Whether you want to have or produce shots on location or in a Studio, we can accomodate all plans. Gary@fstoppixels has access to a prime and very sought after South East London studio for all your photography needs.

If you want a Studio tailored experience or being well versed in travel and location shoots you would like a location shoot, we can come up with a plan or location to suit all your needs

Studio 1 - Full

The larger main Studio 1 is approximately 18′ wide by 32′ long and occupies the whole top floor of the building, and therefore has very high ceilings. The space is ideal for full-length figurative photography, fashion or small groups. This studio also has an excellent natural light option with a large electric skylight and North facing windows.

Studio 2 - Portrait

The smaller Studio 2 ( 18′ x 18′ approx ) is situated on the first floor of the building, and does not have the ceiling height or room length of Studio 1, therefore this studio is best suited for portraiture, product or close-up photography. There are North-facing windows running along the back wall, and the natural brick walls make for a good alternative backdrop with plenty of texture and warmth.




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Kennington, SE11
United Kingdom





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