Large arena photography and small venue

Gary@F-Stop/Pixels is able to provide a professional and discreet photography service for all your event needs. With experience in large scale arena photography and small intimate shoots for a smaller audience, I am able to work to your shot brief and experienced in producing imagery for all your promotional needs

Talent Engagement

With experience in the engagement of and support to your events Talent requirements, I am able to plan and shoot all your event plans, VIP/Talent requirements and experiences with the utmost professionalism and discretion.

Event Engagement

Experienced in small events and large arena venues, Charity and non-profit firms and events, I am cleared and secured to work with young and older adults to produce imagery for your safe keeping and personal record of your experience

Pre and Post Event collaboration

I am experienced in the engagement of photography for your event from its inception and pre-event production setup, to the planning and floor walking to plan best shots, through to the live event itself and post-event processing of captured images.

Whatever your needs

I am Gary and I am a part-time photographer who (photo)shoots people, places, things, events (music/sport), architecture and landscape, and many more.

I am available to TFS/TFP (Test/Trade for Shots/Prints) for new Models/Actors/Musicians or established professionals on a personal one-to-one basis on a no-budget portfolio builder exercise. For Agency organised and Commercial shoots an hourly/daily rate is applicable. I volunteer free to non-profits and Charities.

I also have great studio space available on a pre-paid refundable deposit rate (if cancelled no later than 7 days before) or incorporated in to an hourly rate.

I specialise in location based, editorial or lifestyle shots, and events. I am from from Basingstoke but am in C London most of the week full-time on various technology roles, and also freelancing as a Photographer on a case-by-case basis.




On request or confirmation of commission


Kennington, SE11
United Kingdom





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