Creative Team Engagement

gary@fstoppixels is experienced in the organisation and/or participation of creative teams inclusive of Sylists, Make-up Artists and more for Editorial/Fashion, Lifestyle type shoots, Promotional material shoots, posed Model and Actor/Musicians Profile, Portrait and Head shots.

Cafe Culture

Whether you want a generic ad-hoc location lifestyle shoot, pseudo-cafe style/lifestyle type shoot, or more extensively planned location shoot. I can meet your needs.

Locations and Brief

Upon the agreement and scheduling of a shoot, we will meet up and have a coffee or other, discuss your requirments, plan styles, poses, suitable locations, assses your needs and then go and shoot. I am professional at the personal experience.

Organised Locations

Want a more tailored shoot, want to shoot in that desirable location or building? Let me help. Here at F-Stop/Pixels I am experienced in location engagement, contact to PR teams and Building/Park administration, booking and planning of shoots and permission to shoot applications and testing. Contact me for an initial assessment


I am Gary and I am a part-time photographer who (photo)shoots people, places, things, events (music/sport), architecture and landscape, and many more.

I am available to TFS/TFP (Test/Trade for Shots/Prints) for new Models/Actors/Musicians or established professionals on a personal one-to-one basis on a no-budget portfolio builder exercise. For Agency organised and Commercial shoots an hourly/daily rate is applicable. I volunteer free to non-profits and Charities.

I also have great studio space available on a pre-paid refundable deposit rate (if cancelled no later than 7 days before) or incorporated in to an hourly rate.

I specialise in location based, editorial or lifestyle shots, and events. I am from from Basingstoke but am in C London most of the week full-time on various technology roles, and also freelancing as a Photographer on a case-by-case basis.




On request or confirmation of commission


Kennington, SE11
United Kingdom





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